MBA Literature Review on The NEW Economics of Global Outsourcing

Author has detailed every aspect of outsourcing in this article. Article describes the true aspects of outsourcing and even involves the consequences of bad outsourcing and reasons for it. Author has checked every basic about the outsourcing it has even measured the cultural differences between the two countries which can affect the days of work and can cause certain loss due to lack of availability of workforce on certain days of work.

Author has discussed the negative point of outsourcing i.e. if it goes bad what will be the consequences and has suggested the methods to check it. Article also tells the next step involved or required to overcome the problems. It also speaks about the financial earnings from the outsourcing and analyzes the long term effects of outsourcing.

Author also speaks about the future of outsourcing in various countries and in the capital gain achieved by them with the help of outsourcing.

After reviewing the article, the researcher believes that the author has done a lot of groundwork to get the details about outsourcing and has discussed about the every practical point and detailed them in a well manner.

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