MBA Literature Review on Tata Nano Overview

According to the report of (2010), Nano is the cheapest car in the World manufactured by Tata Motors India, which is one of the biggest automobile companies in India. This article explained the information on the situation analysis of Tata Nano car that reveals the current situation of Nano in automobile market. The market summary of Nano is explained that gives a clear idea on target market and positioning of Nano car in the automobile market of India.

The competitor review and distribution review along with SWOT analysis strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Nano are illustrated. The different types of marketing mix strategies of Tata Nano are considered product strategy, product review, comforts, fuel efficiencies, safety requirements, branding and pricing strategies of Nano are described in this article. The different promotional strategies to be followed by Nano in order to get good competitive advantages are elucidated.

Finally, the detailed information on marketing campaign of Nano is explained but a future work should be carried out to this article in order to explain the Indian market of Nano.

Tata Nano car is the example company taken into account in the research process in order to explain the current status of Tata Nano Company in Indian automobile industry. For this particular reason this article information is included in the research process. 

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