MBA Literature Review on Internationally Outsourced IT Services

In this article, the author has used the example of an Indian software company named Infosys to illustrate the fast and lucrative progress that has been made in the field of internationally outsourced IT services. The author states that the founder of Infosys did not display much interest in making profits in the infant stages of the organisation.

The founder just wanted to focus on providing a viable IT solution. The article includes a statistical representation of the progress made by Infosys with respect to human resources as well as finances. The author states that the primary reason for Infosys’ success and popularity is the Global Delivery Model combined with a very high percentage of satisfied customers.

The author believes that it is these two factors that have been instrumental in making Infosys one of the leading IT solutions company in the world. The author also writes about what other companies can learn from Infosys’s business model and strategy.

After reviewing the article, the researcher concludes that the author only writes about the achievements of Infosys. The researcher feels that the author should have also written about the challenges faced by Infosys and how the company overcame these challenges. The article serves well to prove an overview of Infosys but it is not very detailed in nature.

The Researcher has reviewed the article and has concluded that the author has only presented the achievements of company and does not discussed the fights fought by the company to gain its reputation. Article is limited to get an overview on the company portfolio but does not presents the details about it. 

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