MBA Literature Review on Impact Of Nano On Automobile Industry

This article is the report of Tata Motors specifying the impact of Tata Nano car on automobile industry. According to this report, Tata Nano has shown major impact on different automobile companies and allowed those companies to think strategically as Tata Motors to reach target customers. In the first year, sales of NANO are two high and many low-income customers purchased NANO car in the place of two wheelers. In simple words NANO replaced Maruthi 800 and became major competitor for many other car companies in the automobile market. The best example is that many companies are offering NANO car as incentives and benefits to their employees. The low price of NANO attracted many customers and allowed them to buy a car and fulfill their dream. The maintenance of NANO car is even less according to low budget of customers. According to this article no other car company in the world is offering a car with one lakh rupees which can be considered as the major competitive benefit to Tata Motors. Even though there are many other cars in the markets with good features, most of the people prefer NANO as the car because of its low price. Even though there are some negative remarks on reviews of NANO car, Tata Motors considered them as suggestions and established Tata Nano 2012 Car with previous customer feedback.

Future work is required in order to explain the success of Tata Nano 2012 Car.

The article is related to Nano car, which is the example car company considered for the research process in order to analyze the information on Tata Nano impact on Indian automobile industry. 

According to the report of (2009) Nano has entered the Indian roads as a small wonder and it is considered as the word’s number one cheapest car. This article revealed the information on Tata Nano Car introduction by specifying its features etc. The information on Tata Motors agreements with financial companies is explained. This article explained the price of Nano Car in US $ as 2,400 to US$3,600 based on the model selected which is exactly one lakh Indian rupees. Tata Motors is even offering loan and finance facility to the customers that show the actual intention of Tata Motors to fulfill the car needs of low income customers. Tata Motors is having many competitors in the market and to get competitive advantages chairperson of Tata tried to reach normal customers and established a plan to introduce Nano as the cheapest car in the World. The technology used in Nano car is illustrated within this article.

The future work is required in order to explain the customer feedback of Nano car to suggest those reviews to Tata Motors.

The information on Tata Motors and Tata Nano is considered and analyzed from this article to fulfill research requirements and to give a clear idea on Tata Nano current status in Indian automobile market. 

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