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MBA Literature Review on Consumer Perceptions And Behavior

September 20, 2012 posted in MBA Projects, MBA Seminar Topics by Kasarla shanthan/Ramesh Gavva

According to the report of Skirec (2010), Indian automobile industry has high market potential and this article explains the passenger car industry of India market and it plays a key role in developing the economic standards of the country.

The factor analysis process of buying behavior of customers is described within this report along with the information on factors that influence the buying behavior of customers. According to this article, there are different reasons that impact buying behavior of customers willing to buy the car such as educational qualification, family income, personal income and life style etc.

This article proposes different suggestions to the companies in order to identify the buying behavior of the customers. The advertisements will show major impact on buying behavior of customers especially companies should use appropriate advertising strategies in order to attract the customers. Finally this study suggests that if customers are attracted to the car of particular company then they will be ready to buy them without changing their behavior.

Future improvement work is required to the article in order to explain the impact of marketing aspects on consumer behavior that insists them to buy or reject specific product of the company.

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