MBA Literature Review on Benefits and Challenges in Global Outsourcing

In this article, the author – Subhankar Dhar primarily writes about the factors related to outsourcing which are associated with the functions of IT. The author considers high customer satisfaction to be the most significant factor related to outsourcing in the IT industry. There several constraints and risks related to outsourcing.

The claims made by researchers are the ones that decide whether global companies are at an advantage or at a disadvantage. In this article, the author writes about the various types of risks which are typically associated with outsourcing. The author also explains the relevant methods through which these risks may be eliminated. The author writes about the advantages of outsourcing and the benefits that it provides to both the companies as well as to the economies of their respective countries. The author pays special attention to the pros and cons of outsourcing.

The author states that outsourcing helps in cost reduction and suggests various outsourcing ideas which may be implemented by companies for succeeding at the global market and remaining competitive.

After reviewing this article, the researcher concludes that further study is required for understanding the need of outsourcing and the various challenges and benefits related to it.

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