MBA Finance Project Study

Limitations of the MBA Finance Project Study

  • The Working Capital Management study in conducted in a short period. During this period the study may not be detailed in all aspects.
  • The Project Report on Working Capital management is conducted with the available data gathered from annual reports of Chemical Company and the analysis was made accordingly.
  • Financial management does not take into account the price level change.
  • To draw meaningful inferences information on dispersion of data of various firms is required which is not available.
  • The data secondary in nature being the records and statements. Which experience its own limitations in preparations?
  • It is only post-mortem of what has happened.
  • The formula has been used according to the availability of the data.
  • As adequate data was not able to pool because of the secrecy maintained by the firm, proper justification for the project was not done.
  • This Final Year MBA study is limited to the ratio analysis of Chemical Company Ltd.
  • The Project Report is confined to the figures available on paper and files and no physical verification has done.

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