MBA Dissertation Topics in Global Outsourcing Processes

Gene, M. & Helpman, E(2002) stated that companies perform Global Outsourcing Processes in order to expand their business activities into international markets. Global market is a place where a number of rival companies perform their business activities and new companies enter the market continuously. Existing companies create a strong base in the international markets by acquiring their market share and command in the market.

These discussions justifies that the existing companies in the market gives tough competition to the new companies that are entering to the market for the first time. Newer companies face a stiff competition due to this and try to implement newer strategies in order to compete with their competitors and survive in the market. If a company performs its business activities in international market then that particular company has to face tough competition with current competitors and new competitors.

Competition is a critical aspect by which companies face failures in performances with new strategies and methods. Competition is the only aspect that gives competitive benefits to the companies and for this reason; competition is the important aspect among the total external factors of the market. Even though companies are having good competitive standards among competitors, there is a need of devising suitable strategies according to changing competitors existing in the market. Strategies are the only resources that are been used to solve different types of problems that take place in the company.

Every problem will have a specific solution and every company will have their own strategies and methods to overcome the problems. Companies are outsourcing their products and services in order to expand their business and standards in the international markets and even outsourcing their products and services to get global competitive advantages.

The outsourcing process shows positive or negative influence of globalization on the company’s success graph that needs appropriate strategies and methods to succeed in the global market. Market is a place where constant changes take place and companies need to manage the ever-changing market changes in order to change their current situation into competitive world of business and gain expected results in the form of profits. The actual research problem being companies face failures in managing outsourcing processes of change management process as their competitive strategy.

Infosys Company faces similar problems like lack of using appropriate strategies to perform global sourcing process in a successful manner. In general, there are different types of global outsourcing strategies like strategic alliance benefits, mutual profit shares, competitive reputation, global standards etc. Each strategy can be used to build strong relation between the actual companies with its global outsourced company.

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