MBA Dissertation Literature Review on India The Global Outsourcing Hub

In this article, Sukant Senapaty (2008) explains the intricacies associated with the process of global outsourcing. Senapaty also speaks about the various aspects of the process of global outsourcing. The author has observed that many companies are outsourcing to Indian companies. At the same time, major Indian companies are outsourcing to other companies of the international market.

Sukaty states that companies outsource due to a number of reasons – it gives them competitive advantage in the global market and helps them to capture emerging markets. When a certain company outsources to a company from another country, it creates a parallel economy which thrives on the company which is outsourcing. However, if there is an international financial crisis, then the parallel economy suffers most.

In order to avoid such a situation and to stabilize their markets, major Indian companies are trying to outsource to global companies and this gives them tremendous leverage in the case of an economic crisis.

After analyzing the article, the researcher draws the conclusion the Indian companies are also into global outsourcing as it gives them the opportunity to tap into the domestic as well as the international markets.

Future work is required to this article in order to explain the global market prospects that are allowing Indian companies to outsource their products and services to global companies.

Researcher concludes that Indian companies are trying to succeed in local as well as international markets even at the time of market crisis. 

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