MBA Dissertation Literature Review on Global outsourcing Report 2012 Analysis

The Outsourcing report of 2012 states that outsourcing allows companies to function at a global scale without hindrances. The report also states that most companies have a positive outlook towards outsourcing to other companies because this allows them to manage their businesses in a cost-effective manner.

Outsourcing is not only cost effective, but it also offers companies to capture a global market. This is been typically accomplished through the establishment of delivery centers around the globe.

These centers allow the companies to reach out to as many customers as possible and enable them to serve their customers in a more efficient manner. Different companies adopt different strategies of outsourcing based on their needs and the nature of the job. The article states the benefits of global outsourcing. The author states that outsourcing allows companies to interact with their customers in a better way. The researcher also lists all the advantages that global outsourcing offers.

            The article states that global outsourcing helps companies to become more competitive. Companies become better businesses as they try to offer maximum value in the competitive global market. The author suggests that outsourcing is the future of business as it gives them an edge that is required to thrive on an international scale.

The future work is required to this article in order to explain the successful global outsourcing strategies that give competitive advantages to the companies.

The Researcher suggests that companies can make use of global outsourcing process in order to get competitive advantages in the global markets. 

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