Matlab Projects For Electronic Communication Students

List of matlab projects for for electronic communication students:

ece and eee final year students can download latest collection of matlab projects for electronic communication students with project report,ppt,pdf,source code and abstracts for free of cost. Matlab projects available here will be useful as reference for final year ece and eee students. Projects listed here are part of previous year final year projects.

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Links to download  matlab projects for for electronic communication students:

  1. Design Of DDR SDRAM Using Verilog HDL
  2. Design And Implementation OF a PLL Using VHDL AMS
  3. FPGA Implementation of USB Receiver in HDL
  4. Pulse Width Modulated Switching Strategy for the dynamic balancing
  5. New Technology For HVDC Start-Up and Operation Using VSC-HVDC System

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    1. Did you get any reply about MATLAB projects..
      If you have ideas on communication using MATLAB plz send me your as with briefly…..
      To this below emaik

  1. i wonna do my project in matlab.its a game.i want some coding related to it.
    1.balloon shootin
    2.trowing rings on a stump
    3.finding hidden treasure among 5 boxes.
    could you send it in my mail.just the coding i will make corrections in it.thank you.

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