Marketing Approach of IPhone Student Paper

Marketing approach of iPhone 

The most preferred marketing approach followed by iPhone mainly depends on their technical aspects and the key thing that should be considered in this context is that SDK 3.0 and this particular standard development kit is widely used across developing the mobile applications. The key aspect that should be considered while discussing the marketing approach of iPhone is that, almost all the mobile service providers are offering similar or equal features that are available with iPhone and in this context meeting the competitive aspects has become the crucial factor to be considered while designing a perfect marketing approach to sell the iPhone and the corresponding mobile applications.

The main marketing approach followed by iPhone to meet the core competition is that, they used the excellent features available with the SDK 3.0 like the MMS, Copy-Paste features and multimedia services and all these services has made a unique market for iPhone even there are many other features for long time across other mobile applications. The user responses towards these features is also good and thus it has become an easy task for iPhone to occupy the required market and also gain the required levels of competitive advantage.

The innovative step taken by iPhone is that they have added many features that were lacking across the current mobile applications gradually and later they have completely focused on adding extra features to the mobile applications and thus they could gain the soft corner of the customers in many aspects. There are some controversies also in this context and many users argue that it is not only the technology that made iPhone the market leader and there are many hidden issues like the psychology and trends across the marketing.

Another important aspect that made iPhone to concur the market is the way they create the application and the main forwarded step they has taken is that they completely used the features of SDK 3.0 to create the native applications rather than completely focusing on the web applications and thus even the navigation also became easy for the users.

Application to internet communication has become easy with the SDK 3.0 usage across iPhone and thus this step has attracted lot of customers and made them easy to gain the market against the mobile applications. With iPhone the risk of browsing has reduced a lot and this can be considered as the best approach in iPhone and it has provided lot of icons in the home page where the users can just click on the icon to open the desired website rather than typing the complete URL and even this feature has attracted lot of customers and helped iPhone to retains its market.

Geo coding is another important aspect to be considered across SDK 3.0 where the users can give just the coordinates to browse the desired location and this step has taken the functionalities of SDK 3.0 in iPhone to a higher level. Users are provided with an excellent navigation where they can just click on the maps and also if they know the desired coordinates the corresponding user can be found using the GPS system and this complete process has become very easy with the usage of iPhone.

Developers are provided with n number of options to code the desired location based aspects and they are returned with the corresponding coordinates from the Google maps, where these coordinates are fetched and formatted for the usage in iPhone with the required rich user interface.

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