Abstract: This project will be designed and developed for any educational universities or colleges  for making recruitment process. “Manpower Acquisition Planning and Employee Recruitment System” is a web-based tool to reduce communication gap between Placement Officers(Applicants) &  Job Providers(MNC Companies). Especially in fast growing IT market technologies are changing very fast, based on technology trend Organizations has to recruit the people. This process will make recruitment process very easy and fast.

The main objective of this solution is to make easy the recruitment process of any organization. This system is designed by keeping in mind both parties like Colleges/Universities  and MNC Companies. This system allows Placement Officers(Applicants) to register his/her details along with college/university details & to post the student’s resumes based on the opportunities in the companies. And then on the other hand even it allows job providers(MNC Companies) to post their requirements with the system.

This system is an independent module and is a part of the Human Resource Management System. It is a feature rich integrated recruitment package, designed for the desktop. It stores the details of jobs and details of the candidates in the database. It helps in conducting the scheduled interviews.

Existing System

The existing system is a manual one. When the placement officer wants to share the student profiles with MNC companies(Job Providers) to process of recruitment, he has to do everything manually.  And the job providers want to post the job requirements(opportunities), they have to concern the placement officers manually. Process of shortlisting the student’s profiles & conducting scheduled interviews is very tedious.


  • Recruitment process is very slow
  • Difficult to handle more colleges/universities for recruitment process
  • Difficulty of maintaining the student’s profiles
  • Communication gap between Job providers(MNC Organizations) and Placement officers.

Proposed System

Manpower Acquisition Planning and Employee Recruitment System” is to replace the existing manual system with a software solution.

This project can be very easily used in the process of decision making in new recruitment’s and it will reduce the amount of time required to complete the recruitment process of any organization. This system will allow the Job providers (i.e. HR department) to post the required jobs(Opportunities) which will be available to University’s/College’s placement officers. Then Placements officers can check the student’s profiles, if matches with opportunities then they will forward the student’s profiles to respective HR department. So this system will allow the Job providers to search from database for suitable candidate for a position based on skill set.


  • Faster processing when compared to existing one.
  • Easy recruitment process
  • Effective way of providing communication between Job providers(MNC Organizations) and Placement officers.
  • Easy maintenance of student’s profiles
  • Effective way of conducting scheduled interviews


The project contains seven modules

  • Registration Module
  • User Management Module
  • Employee Management Module
  • Resumes Module
  • Opportunities Module
  • Schedule Interviews Module
  • Results Module


  • Frontend : JSP, Servlets, Java, Java Script, HTML,CSS
  • Database :  MySQL 5.0
  • Web Server : Apache Tomcat 6.0
  • Operating System : Windows 7