MANETs using the AODV DSR OLSR and TORA routing protocols

The designed used for the simulation of this project is explained in this chapter. The number of scenarios required for the project is decided in this chapter. And the scenarios require a model family and the MANET family is selected as the model family for these scenarios using different routing protocols. 200 mobile nodes are used for this simulation across a 500X500 meters capacity area for the evaluation of the TCP performance over the CBR performance.

For the scenarios 1,3,5,7 the application used is FTP because generating the TCP traffic is the main aim of those scenarios and these will uses the AODV, DSR, OLSR and TORA routing protocols respectively. Whereas the scenarios 2,4,6,8 the application used is the low quality voice application because of the reason the CBR traffic is generated across the MANETs using the AODV, DSR, OLSR and TORA routing protocols respectively.

DES statistics are used for the simulation and for this the node statistics and global statistics are considered. The time taken for the simulation is 2 minutes. The results obtained from the simulation of all the scenarios are used for the comparison of TCP performance against the CBR performance using some performance metrics like load, delay and through put. The simulation procedure of this design is explained in the next chapter.

This paper is written and submitted by Sujana Priya V.

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