Managing Information System MIS MBA Assignment

The external environment is changing frequently now a day; this may lead the organizational decision making become more complex. There are some globalization forces which may affect the businesses such as technology, political & legal, social & cultural, economical, ecological and many others. The way changing the business is known as “Behavioral Theories”. The companies are mainly focus on the core capability. This is used in developing the advantage about the sustainable competitive.

The Outsourcing is the latest trend in the business. It will become success only when the relationship with management is strong. The maintenance of relationship in between the organizations, supply chain members at different borders is enhanced. This enhancement is done with the use of IT. 

This application is selected by the DELL. This is used to show, implementation of IT in world wide operations. The customers, supplier, distributors, business partners are consisted in the exceptional virtual and integrated value chain. 

DELL has brought the optimization by using the integrated MIS; this is very helpful for the company in order to improve the performance. The performance is improved when the information is provided across various departments. For managing the business processes, the decision making is served as an efficient at the three tiers of management. There is an important characteristic in the IS integration. By the coordination of the activities, the databases are shared with the organizations. This is the degree for the IS integration. The other business units also access the right data during in this process. The right data is related to the different department’s activities.

 Design and manage information system of the company is done effectively by the manager by doing analyze deeply and closely. The understanding about the information systems and its structure for the manager, the classified divisional bureaucracy is helped out for the manager. The flexibility and the improved speed are the efficiencies of company product; these are earned from the global IT. This is done from the performance of the DELL in the IT globally

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