Managing Information System Assignment Questions

Here is the assignment question on subject: Managing Information System

your analysis should be 3500 words,counts 100% of the assessment, cover all aspect of the firm, and be professionally presented,reflect masters of business administration level work and be of publishable quality. you must site all reference materials used in your analysis and provided a detailed bibliography.

for the assignment you are required to look at the introduction of an integrated Management Information system (MIS) to achieve Li &Fungs strategic growth. You should critically evaluate how this has helped them to improve their performance you are asked to consider the MIS and internet proposals and options put forth by Li& Fungs in order to. 

Outline the issues  for Li & Fung. which appears to justify the need a consider internet issues.Explain how and why a supply chain is facilitated by the use of technology. give example from the case study. Critically evaluated the concept of ” Bubble in” or turkey solutions? Write a brief  report, as part of the assignment, concerning  the security issues that need to be considered with the implementation of an E-Commerce system  make  reference to the case study in terms of advising Li & Fung what they should consider in terms of risk, users.hackers and intruders”.

you are  encouraged to use a wide range of source materials in you analysis in addition to the course materials and the case study. Please include with your submission a cover sheet. 

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