Management Research Project of Setting up a Fish Cold Storage and Supply Unit

Scope of the project

The first attempt will be to hire a building at Vizhinjam, because it is here that the fishing harbour is located and it would be easier for me to buy fish at a lower price. After installing the freezers, the next task would be to identify client hotels to which I can supply fish at a reduced rate than the open market. I would prepare some brochures and advertisements for this purpose. Simultaneously I will also store fish. Once I get the orders, I can supply fish to the hotels using my delivery van. Orders for the next day/week will be collected at the time of delivery. The hotels can also book orders through the telephone system in the office or through internet. The project involves the following tasks and sub tasks.

TASK 1: Setting up the establishment

This task involves the following sub tasks.

  • Finding appropriate location near Vizhijam. It is here that the fishing harbour is located wherefrom I can buy fish at a cheaper rate.
  • Hiring a building and making necessary furnishings
  • Buying freezers
  • Getting an SSI Licence from the Government of Kerala, Ministry of Industries
  • Recruitment of staff and giving them necessary training
  • Promotion activities through advertisements and brochures

TASK 2: Storing Fish

  • Purchasing a van
  • Purchasing fish in large quantities whenever the catch is high. In Kerala there is no fixed price for the fish. It is fixed according to the catch which is seasonal. During the season like June, July and August the catch is high and the price of fish will be very low.
  • Storing the fish in the freezers

TASK 3: Finding customers and delivery of fish

  • Finding customers (Hotels) and collecting orders
  • Delivery of fish and collecting new orders

List of deliverables

Different activities of the project will take place as per the schedule given.

List of Deliverables

Starting day

Ending day

Finding appropriate location



Hiring the building



Furnishing the building



Securing an SSI Licence



Purchase of Freezers (inviting quotations, finalising quotation, purchase, installation, etc.)



Recruiting the staff and training (Advertising the staff requirement, selection and training)



Promotion activities through advertisements, broachers, etc.



Purchase of van (inviting quotations, finalising quotation,  purchase)



Resource Requirements

a)      Physical Resources

In order to implement the project in a successful manner, I need the following physical resources.

                    i.            A building:  A building to function as the office as well as a store house is an essential aspect in the implementation of the project. The building should be designed in such a manner that there is enough facilities for office rooms and keeping the freezers.

                  ii.            A Pick up van:  The van will be used for buying fish from the market as well as delivering the fish to the hotels. Initially I plan to purchase one and once the project gets extended I will have more.

                iii.            Freezer:  This is to store fish. The freezer should be large enough to hoard fish in large quantities because as stated earlier, fish catch is seasonal and during the season catch will high and price will be very low. At this time I can purchase in large quantities and keep it for the off seasons.

b)      Human resources

                    i.            Manager/Proprietor:   One individual will work as the manager/proprietor in the organisation. He will be the driving force behind the organisation. The manager/proprietor is expected to look after the day to day functioning of the project. He should be able to plan and will be responsible for the implementation of the project. The manager should be able to make right decisions at the right time. He should have good knowledge of the market and should have the ability to coordinate and lead the entire team. I myself will take up this position. 

                  ii.            Secretary:  One person will be recruited as office secretary. He will be responsible for the day to day office administration. The secretary should look after the office filing system, must receive and write answers to letters from the clients as well from other official sources. Clerical works in the office will be the other direct responsibility of the secretary. The secretary should discuss the matters with the Manager and is expected to act in accordance with the directions of the manager. 

                iii.            Finance Officer:  The finance officer will look after all the financial dealings of the organisation. It is his responsibility to prepare the day to day income and expenditure statements. He should regularly keep discussing with the manager on all the financial matters of the organisation and should be able to make necessary financial decisions that would benefit the organisation with the consent of the manager/proprietor. He should deal with all the income tax and related matters of the organisation. Till the organisation develops further he is also expected to do the monthly internal auditing of the organisation. Paying the salaries to the employees will be his responsibility. 

                 iv.            Purchase Staff:  Initially this would be a team of two employees. At a later stage when the business gets expanded the list will be enlarged. Purchase of fish from the local sea shore markets and storing it in the freezers will be their major responsibility. They should be will informed about the fish markets and fishing seasons. They should travel to those markets where fish is available in plenty and price is cheaper. They should have the basic understanding of the price of fish in different places. They should also have the basic knowledge of the fishing seasons so that they can discuss the matter with the finance officer and buy fish in large quantities and hoard it for the off seasons. 

                   v.            Marketing Staff:    Initially the marketing personnel may also comprise of two employees. Their prime responsibility would be market the fish that is to find client hotels, collect orders and deliver fish to these hotels and collect further orders for the next day or week. The marketing people assigned definite targets and their performance will be assessed on the basis of the attainment of targets. They will be paid a cash bonus of they out number their targets. 

                 vi.             Office Boy:  The office boy has to assist the office secretary in maintaining the building and other equipments in the office. He should also help the office secretary in taking photocopies and other similar duties. 

c)       Financial resources

The financial resources required for the project is calculated as per the profit and loss statement.

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