Mainframe Projects for final year Students & Freshers

Mainframe Projects for final year Students & Freshers Environment

  • Software:
  • Languages : C# , SQL
  • Databases : Microsoft Sql server 2005,
  • Tools : Microsoft Visual Team Suit , Quality Center 9.0
  • O/s: Windows 2003/XP/Vista
  • Hardware: Pentium 1V, 512 MB RAM

Project Description:
A Mainframe system Technologies, plans, develops, implements, and maintains future-proof IT systems. This involves everything from software development and ERP systems through to application management and intelligent customer retention solutions.

Mainframe system is based on IBM mainframe technology. The product is rich in functionality for data enter scheduling operations, proven & robust through system’s own internal use of it. Different application areas are Master Data management, system master data, stream design management, runtime management, Reports.

Developer Contribution:
1 Analysis and Review of Business Requirements Specifications and Design Documents
2 Preparing Requirement Traceability Matrix from Business Requirements Specifications and Design Documents
3 Identifying Test Scenario’s, Written test cases and prepared bug reports for the various modules and Responsible for functional testing for Master Data, Stream design and Runtime modules
4 Identifying test input data by running sql queries in DB
5 Execution of Test Scripts
6 Create and maintain tests and test records.
7 Log defects, analyze defect data.
8 Deploying the Database, Application server, processing server and GUI at client environment
9 Executing User acceptance test scenarios for different modules like Master Data, Stream design, Runtime & Non Functional Requirements for system integration test on each new build or release
10 Performed Smoke Testing for the Application functionalities

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