Mail Server Project in Java

The Intranet mail server Project in Java is communication software that helps the users of an Intranet to communicate with electronic mails. The mail service in the Internet is the most useful facility that enables the users of the Internet to send mails to any one who can be anywhere in the world. There is some free mail service providers such as HOTMAIL, YAHOO etc in the Internet. An user can have his account in any server.Mail Server Project in Java

Now it is necessary to an organization to establish a communication path over its Intranet to facilitate electronic mail service. Also, the Intranet Mail Server (IMS) system provides the facility of mail service locally. 

Since the system is a mail service. The system has to follow the Internet standards. In technical point of view, there are two modules that are the Client module and the Server module. There are two protocols that have to be implemented for developing an mail software that are 


These protocols are nothing but set of commands. In IMS, both the server and the client used these protocols i.e. the commands that are defined in these protocols to make communication between themselves. The two protocols have to be implemented both in the server module and the client module. 

The following figure shows the place where POP 3 and SMTP fit into the TCP/IP protocol suite.

Mail Server Project Sub Systems:

 The system is designed as Internet based application. The whole system is divided into following sub – system: 

  1. Server

User Agent

Mail Transfer Agent

  1. Client

User Agent

Mail Transfer Agent

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