Mail Server Project in Asp.Net

Mail Server Project in Asp.Net is  a simple web based application which is useful for configuring settings of internet server. Students can download full project report and source code.

Existing system:

In present system when the user wants to configure the server the user has to do the necessary tasks on the computer where server is installed that is the user need to go to the place where IIS is installed and perform the necessary tasks. So there existed wastage of time and also this proved inconvenient to the user. 


Now the new system is web based as it, the system we are proposing is very useful system in network administration. The network administrator can manage a server from any remote location over the internet. 

For implementing these functionalities following modules are made:

  • Login module.
  • Module to add virtual directory
  • Module to add default files to virtual directory
  • Module to  get basic information of virtual directory
  • Module to display detailed information of virtual directory
  • Module to delete virtual directory 

Step by Step Process 

            The system we are proposing is very useful system in network administration. The whole system is divided into many sub processes. 

 Since the system will manage IIS of companies which contains company related information which may be critical to be used by others hence there will be a process which will be used to filter out unauthorized users by accepting username and passwords. 

After the user has been authenticated a control panel will be displayed for managing the IIS. It will display the different configuration values of IIS and will allow the network administrator to change the values of the configuration attributes of IIS. 

The above form will communicate with the configuration files of the IIS using the ADSI APIs using ASP.Net with C#. The modification to the files is saved. 

We can also keep track of the system which are sending request to the IIS and can maintain a log for security purposes. 

Also we can change the Read/Write permissions with the virtual directory.

Data Structure used for configuration files will be like the following: 

            Field                                                                 Type

            Virtual directory                                             Text

            Read/Write                                                      Boolean

            Read Only                                                       Boolean

            Files                                                                 Text

            Username                                                        Text

            Password                                                         Text

            SMTP user                                                      Text

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