Aim: Aim of this project is location based temperature and humidity record system by using dual wireless technology.

Description : The present temperature and humidity record system project deal with ZIGBEE, GPS and hsm-20g sensors. Whenever he falls from the bed automatically coordinates of the bed will be sent to the caring people via ZIGBEE.

This temperature and humidity record system project main concentration is maintaining a record for temp and humidity for different different locations. We will store the envirement values in EEPROM along with the area fleet. These values will be sent to the authority using ZIGBEE technology.

SOFTWARE : Embedded ‘C’
TOOLS : RIDE/KEIL to write code, ISP to burn the chip.
TARGET DEVICE : At89s52 based our own developed board.
ADVANTAGES : Low cost, automated operation, Low Power consumption.


Hardware : AT89s52
ZIGBEE module