Local and International Brands – Marking Pro-forma for Dissertation Proposal

Title/topic: Local and International Brands 

 Total marks awarded : 25 

Proposals are assessed on the information provided in Sections 6-9 of the proposal pro-forma. Indicative weights are shown. 

The focus of the proposal [40 marks]

Does the proposal have a sharp focus? Is the chosen topic interesting? Important? Does the proposal have a degree of originality? Is there a specific hypothesis that will be tested?

This is very confused. It is unclear in what context you are proposing to study this. You talk about Sainsbury and Wal-Mart, but Wal-Mart does not operate in the UK and (if you were planning to do it in India) Sainsbury has no presence there. So what are you planning to do? 

If it is in a UK context there are no ‘local’ brands of any significance, only national brands, some of which may be used in other parts of Europe. Is this what you mean by ‘international’? How would this be of relevance to the consumer in the UK? It doesn’t make sense. 

Sources [20 marks]

Does the proposal provide evidence of relevant prior reading? Is this well-documented? 

You cite lots of articles. I cannot see the relevance of any of them. 

Literature Review [20 marks]

Does the proposal display a critical stance towards the subject matter? Is there evidence that the student is aware of the issues surrounding the chosen topic?  Has the student been able to contextualise these issues?

I cannot see one. 

Intended methods of data collection [20 marks in total]

If primary data collection is proposed is there clear evidence that the student has thought through the practical difficulties of data collection? 

“almost 15 to 20 customers are interviewed from each supermarket”? How? To what purpose? 

If published data is to be used is the source of that data clearly stated? Is there evidence that the student has already accessed that data source and is aware of its limitations? 

No evidence of anything here. 

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