Live Meeting .Net Project Abstract

This application is predominantly produced for the correspondence of Employees of the association situated in various areas. The undertaking entitled “Live Meeting” set of a stage for the project pioneers and director to send messages to keep consistent cooperation with the software engineers.

In the proposed framework is the chairman can sit at his framework and speak with the task pioneers, developers and can likewise keep up the login time, logout time. He can visit about the undertaking going ahead with both the software engineers and project pioneers. This undertaking additionally keeps up disconnected messages. The overseer sees the IP address of the arrangement of undertaking pioneer/developer he is intrigued and talks with the people.The project pioneer gives the moment report about the task to the head.

Through this Communication System, Whenever client signs into the framework then login time is recorded in the chairman’s framework consequently. The chairman can filter the present online framework IP Address and send the messages to the single developer, set of software engineers, project pioneer or Set of undertaking pioneers or every one of the representatives where he/she is available.

This project benefits as much as possible from the monotonous and unremarkable deskwork to limit. This encourages the client to focus more on the project and less on the overseeing of these undertakings.

The proposed framework keeps up

  • Visit cooperation between the head and the project pioneers/developers.
  • Consequently recording the login time/logout time of the client.
  • Keeping up on the web and disconnected Messages and Message View
  • Representative Hierarchical

Useful segments of the task:

MESSAGE SENDING: In the expansive association there are an arrangement of developers, Project pioneer, and Administrator. These software engineers are spread all through the association into different gatherings. Task Leaders are in need to always associate with the developer’s in-bunches spread over the association. It is hard to go and pass the message to every single software engineer in individual

Chat: When a man needs straightforwardly to speak with the associate, he/she can utilize this administration. On the off chance that a man is in online that individual can speak with the other individual through the framework situated at various area.

VIEW MESSAGES: This task comprises of both on the web/disconnected messages. on the off chance that the client is online he can specifically communicate with the other client. On the off chance that the client is in disconnected he can see the message when he logins for whenever.

Worker HIERARCHICAL: This undertaking keeps up pecking order for the representatives.

LOGIN DATE/TIME: When the client logins the framework, the login time is naturally recorded.

LOGOUT DATE/TIME: When the client logouts the framework, the logout time is naturally recorded.

These Login and Logout time are checked by the heads/Project pioneers relying on the chain of command.


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