Live Meeting Asp.Net project Report and Source Code

Introduction to Live Meeting Asp.Net project Report:

Live Meeting project is implemented in platform using N-Tire architecture model. Main aim of this project is to develop a online chatting application for software organization to provide better communication between employees, project leaders who are located at different locations. In present scenario voice calls are the mostly used for communication inside organization which is a not cost effective process and time taking. In order to solve this problem we propose a online chat application through which programmers, project leaders can be touch and solve problems. Main advantage in this system is at a time user can communicate with multiple persons who are located at different locations and mange login and log out times. Project leader can block or chat based on the importance of user. Users can read messages in offline mode if they are away and respond to the messages. 

Functional components of this application include sending messages, chatting, view messages online and offline mode, login data and time, log out data and time. Employee hierarchy is from administrator to project leader to programmer. 

Here we provide full project report on live meeting with paper presentation, activity diagrams, class diagrams, deployment diagrams, dfd diagrams, database tables, ER diagrams, UML diagram , SRS documents and project source code for free download. 

Project execution documents is provided in download file which will help students to create database and include all required information before executing project. 

Download live meeting project report and source code from this link.

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