Literature Review on Scaling Up And Out in NAS and SAN Technology

Because of the presence of more numbers of the smart switches the SANs as well as the NAS are capable of scaling up and out which could be surrounded by the unnecessary failure fabrics. By making use of the different types of the path these fabrics are capable of detecting the different failures as well as it will even redirect various requests of the users towards the mirror images.

By performing this process the availability of the user will not be disturbed and the servers as well as the storages will be added and then there is a necessity of the programmed downtime which is capable of decreasing the productivity of the user. The DAS is being connected with one or more number of the servers and if it uses the other server then it will not be able to access the capability of the server which is already used in the process.

The different types of the data of the users are being transferred by the SANs as well as NAs towards the available capacity. The storage which is unused can be allotted to the different servers by making use of the strategy called storage pooling. In order to attain the scalability of the performance the process of carrying out the storage consolidation is considered to be one of the best method.

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