Literature Review MBA Project on Status and Outlook of Indian Automotive Component Industry

Turnover of automobile industry of India is high and it is playing a key role in the economical development of India. This article introduced the overview of Indian automobile industry. According to this article, Indian automobile industry has slowly entered global market and made tremendous changes and turned as the tough competitor for global automobile companies.

This article even explained the information on OEMS- original equipments manufacturers and still some of the automobile companies of India are depending on global automobile companies for some equipment. Even though there are many developmental standards in automobile industry of India, still there is a necessity of improving themselves in many aspects in order to remain more competitive in global market.

The information on component production range of Indian automobile industry is explained clearly. Future work is to be carried out in order to specify the detailed information on current and future status of Indian automobile industry.

This article is considered in the research process because the information related to Indian automobile and its status is explained in detail which is the major research aspect in the entire research process.  

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