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Library Management System Vb.Net Project Source Code

March 30, 2012

Library management system project is implemented in vb.net platform. This project is useful for any library for managing information of availability of books, customers information, managing accounts  ..etc. In present senario most of the library’s manage there accounts through manual process but this application will help in computerizing entire library system using software application.

This application can be useful for private library and educational institutes. In educational institutes managing books is a important task where students information is accurately managed.

For further development implementing sms system to this application will be a new idea. Sms is send to students when they reach last date of submitting.

download library management system vb.net project source code.

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6 Comments to "Library Management System Vb.Net Project Source Code"

  1. davidimmanuel wrote:

    library management in vb.net

  2. Joe wrote:

    Database is absent.Oracle at the backend.

  3. udhayakumar wrote:

    pls give me the sample codes in library management system in vb.net

  4. Venkatesan A wrote:

    Can anyone give the model projects of Librarian Management System

  5. uma wrote:

    can give sample codes for librrymanagement invb

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