Library Management System Project Report In VB

Introduction to Library Management System Project:

The proposed project titled “Library Management” is a desktop application to organize the working of a school library. A library may contain thousands and thousands of books; it becomes a tedious process to keep track of all the book flow from time to time. There will be an option to enter books subject wise with other details such as author, edition etc. All the student details are entered with their respective role no: Issue and return of books are noted correctly and entered into the software. The fines paid by the students are also recorded correctly. This software would be very helpful for a librarian or whoever manages the library. A search option would be provided in books and student entry form for easy use.

The whole project is divided into 2 modules: Book Module & Student Module

Book Module

  • Book Details Entry

This part is utilized for entering new book details as per category. Various info such as Book No, ISBN, Author, Subject Publisher, Price, Quantity Purchased etc. are to be added along this part. Can also modify, search or delete books in the same form. 

  • Book Monitoring

A book’s issue and return history can be searched easily. 

Student Module

  • Student Registration

A form is provided to add new Students and their details such as name, id, roll no: , branch etc. Search, update and delete option would also be provided.

  • Book Issue

Books are issued for Student with their ID, issue and due date specified. Present stock of that book can also be displayed along this form.

  • Book Return

Adding the return of the books by the Student, Fines are specified by comparing the return date with the due date. With the return of books the current stock of that particular book is supplemented. 

Download Library Management System Project Report In VB

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  1. i want a library management project. . . it should be having vb.nat as front end and ms-access as back end……. . . .
    plzz do send me one such desktop project to me. . . thank you. .

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