Library Management CPP Mini Project Source Code

This Library Management C++ Project useful for Engineering Third Year Students to develop their simple projects. This project has the below options:

  1. Exit :- Click To Close The Application
  2. Book :- Process Book Related Jobs
  3. Member :- Process Member Related Jobs
  4. Change :- Change Your Password & System Date
  5. Add :- Click To Add New Books.
  6. Delete :- Click To Delete Existing Books.
  7. Issue :- Issues Books To Members.
  8. Return :- Accept Issued Books From Members.
  9. Lost :- Fine Member For An Issued-Lost Book.
  10. Details :- Get Details Of A Particular Book.
  11. View :- Re_Solve Your Search Here.
  12. Add :- Add Members To Library.
  13. Delete :- Delete An Existing Member From Library.
  14. Renewal :- Renew Registrations Of Existing Member.
  15. Delayed :- Details Of Delayed Members or all Book issues.
  16. Access :- Change Your Password Here.
  17. Date :- Change System Date & Time.


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