Lewin Schein’s Change Theory Literature Review

The writer has already theorized a 3 phase model for altering and given name as un-freezing-change-refreeze model. The editorial written by the writer is very much focused on 3 simple phase procedure and has minute details explained about them. In this particular phase, one writer has given detail regarding the need of becoming enthused to alter plus has given name it as an unfreezing phase.

In the phase two and the very important phase, one needs to alter whatever is required to be alter plus has already named it as a changing phase. This phase is very difficult, as it needs loads of functioning plus loads of efforts as it incorporates all the phases such as technology advancement as well as the work force guidance.

The final step is of making the alteration permanent and this particular phase is named as refreezing phase. Some alterations have been removed in this particular phase if they do not work properly.

The researcher already has studied the editorial and had found it very easy to implement in realistic field. But the consequences of all these phases are not talked about in this editorial so this editorial requires of more work in the near future however its possibility for execution totally depends on the implementation method. 

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