Learning Outcomes of MS Masters Project Dissertation

Learning Outcomes

I am thankful for all the help and guidance I received from my supervisor.

In the initial stage I faced some difficulty in writing the Project Dissertation as I did not outline the exact pros and corns that the existing system has. As the project mainly depends on the network level security, I performed a lot of research work in choosing cryptographic algorithms. The important factor here in choosing the algorithm is the speed at which it could provide the required security level. I am proud for the level of MS Masters standards I have achieved in both developing the application and satisfying the mentioned security concepts.

While developing the application I researched on many underlying network concepts of which I had brief idea from the theoretical concepts of my academics, but now I can confidently say that I have obtained very good real time knowledge in applying and testing them for my application. The latest technology which I have used in my application is “Certificate Authority” for providing authentication which is a very vast concept and where I have gained good amount of knowledge about how the websites are providing secure communication to their users.

I am very happy for exploring and learning new technologies that I have used in my application which will be helpful for me in the future but due to the time constraints I am unable to implement extra services like voice chatting and file transferring, but I am very confident that I can extend my application in the future by adding these services with the knowledge I have gained.

I got a good grip on the Java security extensions like JSSE and JCA. I have used some of the case tools like Microsoft Visio for designing or modelling the design part of the system. Now I am confident in analyzing the problem and finding the effective solution for it. I learnt a lot in terms of managing things and initiation while developing the application from the scratch.

This Project Paper is written & submitted by Deepak V.

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