Leading the Transformation in Global Outsourcing Building the Right Executive Team Literature Review

In the article, the authors have written about the fast changes in the industry of global outsourcing and the capabilities that companies will require to thrive in this highly competitive market.  The authors have explained how the global outsourcing process has matured into a prolific industry. Companies are forging relationships with international clients and delivering complicated multi year projects by utilizing the delivery processes system across the globe.

The authors have also explained the important aspects based on which an increase in dexterous resources is expected on a global scale. The authors have also observed that clients expect high levels of integration with the company which is outsourcing. According to the authors, instead of single projects or tasks, outsourcing companies are now expecting to maintain long term relationships with their clients. In order to accomplish this, special capabilities will be needed at the senior managerial level.

The authors have then written about the different factors which mostly involve changes in the company structure and culture, which will be needed by the companies for thriving in highly competitive international markets.

After reviewing the article, the researcher concludes that the authors have made an analysis of the existing outsourcing market. They have made a note of the capabilities that companies will require to succeed in the global market. These capabilities have been noted in accordance with the latest market trends. However, the researcher has observed that the authors have failed to provide any statistical data to substantiate the theories that have been presented in the article. Also, certain significant factors like need of sufficient skilled labor have been ignored by the authors. 

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