Leadership Theories on Multiskilling at Rossett NHS Trust

Leadership Theories:

“Those managing the change did not gather the whole workforce together to discuss the changes.” Thought the establishing the project the team did not discussed or involved any personnel who is effected by this scheme. They believed in that which they felt is good.

The team managed by Lipton was dedicated and enthusiastic, as mentioned in the case study. They are achievement-oriented behaviour. Their only goal is to implement and success the project. According to this statement it can be consider the team as Achievement-oriented team.

They used the common notice boards to display the rotas and other important development in the project, but the case study does not mention anything about the feedback. So they used the Telling method to tell the staff about the latest updates but does not cared about their opinion and feedback.

The Path Goal Theory  can be applicable to the implementing team. In this case study the implementation team tried to success the project in a such a way they believe is the best for the present situation. They behaved directive, and telling to motivate the subordinates by showing them the positive result of the project. In the case study it mentioned that “ they believed that if it could be made to work well on the pilot scheme then good news would spread and people would come on board”. The team is trying to get succeeded in the pilot project and it is believing that after success everybody will satisfied and join, but they neglected the things happening through the project. This made them fail at the end of the project.

At the time of decision making to either implement or remove the Multi-skilled Worker concept, the unions of the trust decided to conduct an voting and release a ballot. This approach can be considered as Participatory Leadership behaviour. This approach is an effective and most success proved method in the history for good decision making process.

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