Latest Wireless Communication Seminar Topic on Cor Dect Wireless Access System

Introduction to  Seminar Topic on Cor Dect Wireless Access System:

COR-DECT is a wireless .NET supportable system which is established by Midas Communication Technologies and the IIT’s. It allows a complete approach for the latest telecommunications resolution.

CorDect is depended on DECT standard specification. It is made for giving a wireless access to many such networks and is types. It is used to connect wireless to PSTN and also to internet via local loop system. It is also used by the well known Communication Company called BSNL. BSNL uses it for the wireless connection between the Telephone exchange and the end customer users. The WLL technology has two different bandwidth called as GSM and CDMA for data transferring.

This techno does not need the frequency planning. It is mainly established to allow many users to access the same spectrum at the same time. It Mixes or fusions 20 frequencies every 10 time slots to make the user access around 120 channels. These channels can be used again and again and are restrict only by the total no. of installation.

The main objective of the DECT is to designate to make less costing terminals, heavy traffic calls levels and much more. The possible architectures that the DECT are compared to are the dynamic channel selection, microcellular architecture, channels with many rates etc… 

It gives a high array of features and services which contains regular access of internet. The CorDECT is evolving its capabilities. Latest products that will keep CorDECT a step forward then WLL systems, as the 3G WLL system of choice for operators worldwide.  DECT can also be used in DPRS called as DECT Packet Radio Service. Internet access is distinguished by blow of packets with long time of inaction. The CorDECT team is preparing new products to take CorDECT to higher stages by its performance. So, current versions will be updated. This will guarantee that CorDECT remains the most less cost persuasive ever.

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