Latest CSE Seminar Topics on Shot Code

Introduction to  Seminar Topics on Shot Code:

They are just like the bar code but they are circular instead of lines. They are the combinations of small dots and lines in circle format. These codes can be read by the regular camera without any extra hardware. They do not store any data like bar code; they store the URL of the web so as to download any file. They are used many purpose like free coupons, for setting loyalty systems, or to download any content directly to your mobile.

This shot code was first introduced in 1999 by university of Cambridge. Early it was used to track TRIPCode paper badges with webcams. We can create our own shot code for business purpose and we can add them to print media for sales purpose or attracting customers.

To use the shot code on mobile we need to install the software on the mobile, which is only available for major mobile brands.  This software is not available free, you need to send the SMS and for which you will be charged, then they provide the link of the software to download. Your must have camera and internet connection otherwise you can be charged by the service provider.

Keep in mind don’t change the color of shot code from black and white to any, because that might not be detected by some smartphone. Shot code must not be smaller than 1 inch. Shot code must cover the half of the screen of the phone otherwise it might not work.  Shot code works on paper or anything. They can be used on any material. If u want to delete the shot code then it is not possible, it can only delete by the shot code staff. In case you forget the password, then don’t need to worry, you can set your password again.

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