Latest CSE Seminar Topics 2012 on NAS Security

The security policies for the networked storage

The security policies and the different solutions for the NAS as well as SAN solutions are as follows:

NAS – the network attached storage

According to SNIA- storage networking industry association is the word that is being utilized for the purpose of storing the different aspects which are connected to the networks and will offer the services related to access the files towards the computer system.

The different types of the services related to the files which are established by making use of the aspects that includes the engine and the other different types of the devices by which the data is being secured by storing it in a specific way. The storage aspects are considered as the NAS filers that offer the different access to the data that is based on files.

The NAS filers that are specified belongs to the type of the IP based systems or else the applications which are distributed towards the network. The different types of the protocols such as the CIFS or SMB, the NFS as well as the HTTP are been utilized in order to distribute the file systems to the host.

The NAS filters are carried out up on the surrounded OS hardened which is diagonally opposite towards the attacks and they are having the capability of supporting the fault tolerance aspects like the RAID as well as the data reproduction process.

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