Latest CSE Seminar Topic on Survey Analysis on Data Mining

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Survey Analysis on Data Mining:

Survey analysis refers to a collection of data regarding a specific item and making a clear analysis of it and making a presentation on it. Survey analyses are most commonly done on a product in a market environment. By doing the survey analysis we can know its merits and demerits and we can construct precautionary plans for increasing the sale of a product. In this paper we will see how surveys are conducted and analysis is prepared based upon the opinion given by the consumers.

Process of conducting surveys:

In today’s competitive world many companies are conducting surveys to know the opinion of the consumers so as to make changes of the product according to the given review. While making a survey the questions to be asked should be framed in a relevant manner so as to acquire the required data for coming to a conclusion. We should not concentrate on the opinions where we could not get the opinions.

We should not come to a conclusion depending upon the opinions given by the majority people this may sometimes result in a bad survey design. After the commencement of the survey the data is filtered so as to give a good result for the data collected. The collected data is also represented in the form graphical designs for easy understanding.

Advantages of surveys:

Surveys conducted on a regular basis helps to meet the objective of the survey conclusion. Surveys helps to pertain the position of a product in a market environment and they by helps to make changes depending upon the requirement and to withstand the competition.

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