Introduction to Data Mining and Data Warehousing in Academic Institution and Libraries Seminar Topic:

Libraries are place where history is stored in the form of print media. From last few years libraries are transformed from books to digital forms with new innovation and technologies. In recent days new professional libraries are formed for management and publishing of data.

New methods are used for collecting the data and storing them with help of electronic resources and they are implemented in almost all the universities in the country for the sake of students. Students can collect information in the library from the electronic books and resources.

Recently the growing number of articles on data mining and warehousing are increasing, and they are associated with the software for the preliminary use for the administrative purpose. Many literatures are published in the journal of American society of information. These tools are used drastically for business over the last ten years and libraries are the only one to recognize the value of these tools for the decision support for the systems and the for the web mining, text mining and for the research in the universities.

The aim of this survey is to determine the importance of data mining technology which is used in the future and used in the present. Data mining is used at every place whether it is institution, researches, libraries and administrative. They also help the potential libraries their role and importance in data mining and data warehousing. Our main focus in on data mining, but it is depending on data warehousing. Data warehousing is the foundation of the data mining.

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