Latest CSE Seminar Topic and Report on Data Security in Wireless System

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Data Security in Wireless System:

The data security in the wireless communication system is very important in the stream related to security issues. The WAN called as the wireless wide area networks are the device used to generate the wireless communication networks. This wide area networks are adjoined with the internet service to transfer the data. All this systems and computer have their security issues that accommodate the systems. This accommodation provides a service like the data storage facility, security etc…

The threats that are related to the wireless systems are Daniel-of-service, interception, Manipulation, Masquerading, repudiation etc. DOS the Daniel of service happens when the network becomes disable to use in the programs or postpone the execution of the programs too. There are various features of this wireless networks like CDPD, CDMA, and also the GPRS connections which also gives the security to the data. It also has a service called the VPN called the virtual private networks.

The advantages of the VPN are that it reduces the cost because while arranging the circuits it tries to make use of such mechanism which are less in cost and that are easily available in the markets. Updated security issues here the security is increased to give the user more protection for the stored data in the system. Better performance, scability, reliability are some of the other advantages of the VPN.

Wireless communications contains many features that are given to the users to get the data security services. They are forced to give the security to the data but do not flow till the internet and also further than that too. And when the user makes the use of the VPN these networks gives the service called as the end to end security service. This data is all send to the internet and from there it reaches the other devices or systems.

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