Latest CSE PPT Topic on Analysis of the Algorithm

Introduction to  CSE PPT Topic on Analysis of the Algorithm:

This Analysis of the Algorithm Paper Presentation is about the analysis of the algorithm. An algorithm is defined as set of instructions which are written for solving a problem. 

In case of any computing problem there is a need for improving the efficiency of the algorithm so that more data can be processed and also the execution can be done faster. The algorithm is more useful in situation where the complexity in the problem. In order to reduce the execution times where there are a large number of instructions. The algorithmic approach provides a simple and clear solution to the problem

The analysis of the problem is done so that the resources which are needed are known beforehand. The resources can be related to the computational time, can be the memory and also the bandwidth of the communication.

In some algorithms security can be even provided using the cryptographic functions so that the security is attained by the process of encryption and also decryption. The data is encrypted so that the data is hidden and not exposed for ensuring the security and then decrypted once the data is delivered to the destination.

Hash tables are used for searching the data in the data structures. It involves various operations related to the insertion, also deletion and also the updating of the data. In the analysis of the algorithm the worst case is used to providing the upper bound during the execution time. The best case involves the input where the algorithm executes in a faster way. In the average case it is used for predicting the execution time.

We can conclude that the algorithmic approach provides a simple and clear solution to the problem.

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