Latest CSE 2012 Seminar Topic on Data Security in a Network Transmission

Introduction to  Seminar Topic on Data Security in a Network Transmission:

The main objective of this design is to provide data security in a transmission networks. In this paper we will see about providing security to internet transmission networks. Security measures are taken for the flow of data so as to prevent the data getting hacked from hackers. Providing data security has become a high priority due to rapid development and growing use of mobile and wireless communication networks.

Security tools for providing data security:

Security issues arise when there are more no of requests on a server as its capability goes down and data can misplace and it does have a control over the data sent. Due to IP spoofing the other user can use the service which is a security threat for the network. Due to session hijacking the hackers gets control over the sensitive data and when the user signs off his session the hackers gets login and perform any illegal activity.

By using security firewalls we may have very less chances for the data getting hacked as the firewalls stops the unwanted requests while we are in a session. By making regular backups we can protect the data streams from security threats. We can avoid security breaches by regularly updating the database packages and the operating system.

Advantages of providing data security:

Security tools in data transmission networks are prominent for providing the requested data only for the authorized users. Proving data security is very important in banking and companies otherwise the data can be easily hacked and the hackers can misuse the data. Several companies are spending a lot of money to provide data security and many countries are incurring billions of losses due to security threats.

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