Laser Assisted Machining Of INCONEL 718 ECE Seminar Report

In this paper we introducing a new innovative technology in machining brittle ceramic materials with the help of lasers, Laser Assisted Machining (LAM) is a way of machining hard-to-wear materials, which cannot be performed using ordinary conventional methods, LAM employs laser technology with general machining methods such as turning and milling.

In this process first we smoothens the surface of the given ceramic material using laser and gradually we cut the parts that are used for machining, heating the interior will not damage the interior of the machine, these lasers are employed under very high temperatures about 1000degers centigrade and above, by using lasers minute operations can also performed at the interior parts of the machine.

In recent years laser assisted machining had improved a lot in terms of research and development, Nd:YAG laser is used for these experiments, and presently we use the work piece  Inconel 718 for our project.  These experiments had revealed that the capital cost in laser assisted machining had decreased up to 60%, it significantly minimized the cutting force upto40%, This Inconel alloy 718 has several advantages like high tensile strength, minimum corrosion and it is alloy of nickel chromium metal.

The balancing condition between corrosion and oxidation is maintained within limits. The main objective and considerations while introducing this Laser Assisted Machining is provide minimum surface hardening, less interior defects, to reduce the tools and running cost, reaching the target with in very less time with maximum material removal rate, and to attain high reliability with maximum accuracy, the smoothness is increased due to lower dynamic cutting force.

Future scope:

The methodology has to be improved in the areas of in maintaining proper rotation speed and distance between cutting piece and tool kit has to be modified, work should be done on improving the laser power, these are challenges facing up to now, upcoming researches will overcome these remedies.

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