Language Emulator MCA Tourism Project


Nowadays, tourism sector s playing vital role in the world economy and turned to be the backbone for economy of the countries. Tourism industry is a sector that includes wider range of cultures, departments, locations and languages in which language is happened to be vital problem in tourism sector. Especially, in European based countries mostly in Germany, this problem seems to be high because the total communications among the people will be done in German language. Tourists are facing huge problems in understanding those languages which are be specified on the boards and flexes of German roads. In order to overcome these problem tourists can make use of one specific application that helps them in understanding the language of the country.

The main aim of this Language Emulator MCA Tourism Project is to support the tourists in understanding the language recognition by making use of their mobile phones. In order to use this application, tourists should use the pictures of the text which is to be converted into their own language. Once if tourists browse this application and upload the photo and select the language option to be converted then, they can convert the text into their own preferred language and especially this application supports English language. There are four different steps involved in this application such as request acceptance through which the client request will be accepted, then recognition of characters entered is the next step in which the entered text language will be recognized and then translation of the language in which the text will be changed into preferred language and finally delivery response through which the translated text will be sent to the client through SMS.

In this Language Emulator application process, different types of algorithms are been used for the purpose of integrating the connection between server as well as client using mobile phone. This application has many added advantages because it is a low cost application which works faster and easy to use without using any gadgets. This application will be more applicable at transportation sectors such as bus stations, railway stations as well as different museums. Clients can use this Mobile Language Emulator in order to overcome the language problems they face in foreign countries. 

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