Land And Water Management System Project

Brief Description of WALMI Training System

Land And Water Management System Project (WALMI) software in Asp.Net firstly maintains the employee record of Water And Land Management Institute. The employee of the organization make schedule of courses ( in their terms Department). 

Land And Water Management System

Schedule is Available in Net for the user so that they come to WALMI for the Training, And they provide training to the user which is on demand training by the user. Training is basically package training or Non Package Training. After the registration they can able to use the facilities (like Hostel, Transport , Mess, Reading Material)these all facilities are handle by this project with the Account section too. Before taking the Certificate they have to enter the Feedback form and on that bases the reports are generated to the director and then certificate is provided to the Trainee.

Technical Feasibility

Information which would be static can be added to the site using html tags and can be arranged in paragraphs. The dynamic content like training details can be done using ASP.Net technology. The C# language provides all support that can be used in our website. So in technical point of view the project is feasible. 

Economic Feasibility: 

“Training Management System, WALMI   reduces the time thus money. Ultimately  we can say that it acts as catalyst in the growth of the organization. Through this application  we save the amount for manage the paper which are used for saving information of whole training. So we can Say that our application is economically feasible.

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