Knowledge Management Project

Knowledge management system project is a web based portal developed in using Microsoft sql server. This web portal is useful for college and education institutions to create platform for students and lecturers to get information related to different subjects and reference. Users can share files through online and search for reference material uploaded by students from different locations. Users can give feedback and comment on uploaded material.

Knowledge Management Project

Project Design Overview:

There are two main features in knowledge management system project (admin and user\ staff ) .

User and staff is the basic module where students and lecturers can log in to application for uploaded education related files. In order to use this application both users should register with application for accessing any features.

Home Page has following Menu options:

Home, Contact US, about us, feedback, search, testimonial, admin.

Feed Back Form: Users who want to give feedback for contact admin can use this form. This form consists of user name, email address and feedback comments.

Search Feature:   As there are many files in the portal it is tough to get exact file . In order to provide better service search option is implemented. Using this feature user can search for files based on document title, category, keyword, page size. Details of available related documents are displayed on the screen.

Document Information Related Details:   Each document that are uploaded to application will contain these details. Users can view over view of each document using this form.  In this form users can find document title, category, short description, full description, keyword, status, attached document, rating, comment, user name, and email address.

Testimonial:   In this form over view of uploaded document with user details are displayed. If any user wants to contact that person he can use email and name of person.

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