JNTU Mini Project for ECE on Mobile Controlled Devices with Project Report

Introduction to  Mini Project on Mobile Controlled Devices with Project:

In this project we designed a system which use sour mobile phone(DTMF)Dual Tone Multi Frequency technology  Every mobile phone has this facility. In this present technology we have a challenge of long distance computer communication, this can also referred as information networks.

For exchange of information we have many information services in present days like Video teleconferencing,Telex, Facsimile transmission (FAX), Electronics mail, which are much efficient to transfer the information but are expensive too. Our project Mobile Controlled Devices designed by us comes into picture when all the technologies fail when the situation comes to upload or terminal download of files or information fails from the mains.

Use of RF circuits in wireless controlled devices have the drawbacks of limited frequency range, limited working range,limited control options and limited features.To overcome all these above mentioned limitations, our designed device is operated using a mobile phone so that this device can be controlled from anywhere in the world and also gives the advantages of more control options other than device control, no interference as the telecom network has the fixed bandwidth with other signals and if the coverage area of telecom network is good depending on this the working range of the device is unlimited. In our device we can adopt 12 different control options as from any mobile or land line phone, by activating the mobile keypads different keys 12 different DTMF codes will be generated.

Mobile phones or cordless phones are suites best for this application, which use 8870 chips for design.Our designed device in the project working principle is that the device receives the command signals through the mobile phone, the switching of devices will be controlled according to the remote end control signals received through another mobile by decoding the cordless phone DTMF signals received.

Download   JNTU Mini Project for ECE on Mobile Controlled Devices with Project Report.

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