Java Project Report on Government Document Work Flow Management

Introduction to Government Document Work Flow Management Java Project:

It is the application developed using java scripts which also include HTML and JSP. It used the features of servlets and struts. It used My SQL for storing data or for data base management, to maintain the record of the government. It can be developed using eclipse and dream weaver. We can also add the bar code for the scanning purpose or security purpose.

There is always the problem of the government record or files where they are kept, it is very difficult task to maintain the file in the government record where they are kept. Customers always have to face the problem in government offices by spending hours but they get nothing. So to overcome this problem, an application is generated that can be used to maintain the record of the government offices. To make this better we use bar code that has the information of the particular department and the reason for the record.

Every customer will be given specific login id and password so that they can login from internet anywhere and anytime. This will reduce the headache of both customer and government. But this application they can be updated with the information.

This application includes the management process, proper documentation and information of the employee, bar code generation and scanner for any search. Documents are scanned by bar code before adding or retrieval and after that reporting of the statics data.

This application allows the user to setup their document and do the routing process if exceptions are generated. For every generation we have to generate the bar code for submitting the document and employee can also set their record in the data base for specifying in the department.

 Download  Java Project Report on Government Document Work Flow Management.

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