Java Project Abstract on Global Counseling System

Introduction to Global Counseling System :

According to the international Round table conference for the Advancement of counselling (IRTAC) everywhere in world to increase the internal connection. This can deal the challenging the counselling the programs and training for psychological fields for do well. The Global counselling system deals those things. This can provide the direction of the guide line for the counsellors.

The tool is provide to decreasing the errors when enter into the information on the data fields. While entering invalid data it is also display the information when doing the process. This tool is totally user-friendly that why a little bit knowledge is required for the user

GBS is a user interface tool for world and world information. User can Easley interact act with this tool and provide user which kind exact data user wants. This also maintains the user’s data information. This can Generate the report like which information wants also gives and depending upon the contagious also divide module. Depending upon the type it is categorised and also department. GCS is doing creating, removing and any changes to modifying. These are available in everywhere of the world screen

Hardware requirement for this project is Pentium 3, temparory memory is 256 that is ram and hard drive is requirements are basic OS like win95 to NT 4.0, Server is Tomcat5.0, HTML and Java are Languages, my SQL is for database, JSP and JDBC

The Main disadvantage of existing system is totally entered in manual. This should be occurred lot of errors and mistakes then loss the data very easy. The Existing one is not possible to search in global one. The new system will takes more effect and efficacy improved; this is taking care of the employee’s details like Query operation, administration, registration posting a query and answer, forum and Guide lines. The main future is highly security.

Download Java Project Abstract on Global Counseling System.

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