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Java Mini Projects

June 5, 2012

List of java mini projects:

Download latst collection of java mini projects with project report,ppt,pdf,source code and seminar topics for free dowload from this site. Java is the programming language mostly used by cse and it final year students for  implemented final year projects and mini projects. Students can find many mini and major projects for free download.

submit  java mini projects to us.

Links to download  java mini projects:

  1. Mobile banking project source code in java
  2. Intranet management system in java source code.
  3. Human resource management system project in vb.net
  4. E-space project source code in java and project report
  5. Distributed management system project source code in java and report

download more java mini projects.

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  1. Suryawanshi ashish wrote:

    give me report for payroll management in java

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