Java Mini Projects For Mca

List of java mini projects for mca:

cse and it final year students can download latest collection of java mini projects for mca students with ppt,pdf,project report,source code and paper presentation for free of cost. mca students can find mca mini projects with source code for free download . Every project listed here will be useful as reference project for final year students.

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Links to download  java mini projects for mca:

  1. Dynamic Service Composition and Selection through an Agent Interaction Protocol Java Project with Source code
  2. Computerized Mobile Store Management System Java Project with Source code
  3. Tech Book Java Project with Source code
  4. Customer Relationship Management on Vintech Systems and Controls Project VB Project with Source Code
  5. Mobile Station Project in Java with Source Code

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  1. i do project in jsp with html5 coding in hall booking so i need complete reference of the jsp website so please send the some of websites…

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